To help build excitement for the launch of the third Iron Man film we wanted to give fans a uniquely local experience - so we took Iron Man out of Hollywood and brought him to the backyard of Australia.

We collaborated with Google to create an HTML world first. A clue-based game which allowed fans to control and fly Iron Man around Australia within Google Maps on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. Soaring over the monumental arches of the Sydney Opera House, the vast expanse of the Simpson Desert and into the backyards of Australian fans, it was the perfect way to localize the Iron man experience.

Fan channels and official Marvel pages on Facebook were buzzing with discussions, speculation and fierce debate as thousands of fans analysed clues to find fresh content and prizes. 

Over the pre-launch and release period, over 50,000 visitors visited the site and played the game playing for up to 30 minutes at a time, with die-hard fans returning to play again up to 25 times.

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