In 2009 GMHBA wanted to launch a low cost online health insurance brand that tackled the big players and catered directly to the under 25's, a notoriously difficult market for the industry to reach – and do it all with the fifth of the budget of their competitors.

After in-depth analysis of the category and customers it was found that mistrust of health insurers had reached plague proportions and customers were sick of the asterisks and Illusionist tricks used to present products. Recognising the market opportunity, a strategy was devised to shake up the category around a positioning of dead simple, no bullshit health insurance. We called it Frank. 

The entire brand, product suite and online experience was designed from scratch. Everything adhering to our strict rule – if it wasn’t dead simple, it was out. People loved the approach, year 1 targets were met in just 10 months and brand awareness was at 25% in first 12 months – but imitation is always the greatest form of flattery and one by one the big players all chose to follow Frank’s no bullshit approach. Ditching the asterisks, simplifying their products, and recognising that customer satisfaction is everything.

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