Alcohol abuse amongst young veterans has always been a problem. They leave a structured, disciplined environment with a large amount of money and enter a civilian world. At it's simplest many of these veterans just want to let off some steam, but at it's most complicated, veterans who've experienced horrors we can't imagine are using alcohol as a form of self medication.

‘On track’ and ‘The right mix’ were designed to help serving and ex ADF personnel monitor their drinking habits, and to demonstrate the impact it has on their health and finances. It’s not about stopping veterans drinking it's about allowing them an easy way to see the health and financial affects of their drinking.

Working closely in conjunction with clinicians from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the tools available on the site were developed using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) practices and provided a uniquely personalised way to measure your drinking habits, and show you the direct impact your drinking has on your health over days, weeks or months.

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