I am an experienced, award winning creative who brings the best of brand led advertising and user-centric service design together to solve todays modern problems.
Call it user-first advertising or an advertising approach to user-first design.
It’s a belief that you, or your brand, should always be something.
Preferably something useful. Or if you can't be useful — be relevant and interesting, and if you can't be that, at least be fun.
Embrace change. Inspire. Invent. Fight against the same-same and for the challenge and success of doing it better. Unearth new joys, remarkable experiences.

I have a hard to match experience that covers nearly 25 years creating and leading innovative, integrated experiences and digitally lead campaigns. I’ve designed some of the UK’s first online stores and internet banking systems, created some of the earliest banners, viral videos and social campaigns. From flying around Google maps launching Ironman movies to printing 3d sculptures of classical music for the MSO. From internet to outdoor, TV to mobile, world’s first to world’s latest.
Over my career, I’ve developed a keen eye which, combined with a fascination and knack of knowing what makes people tick, means work I am involved in is as aesthetically beautiful as it is useful. 
I have a genuine passion for conceiving and designing user-centric, innovative campaigns and creative connections which bring simplicity and emotion into the world around me. And I want to help you do the same.

In a nutshell:
I work best doing all sorts of creative thinking and problem solving, user-centric experience and creative strategy, art direction & design — but over the years I've picked up a wide and varied range of skills. I great at leading and inspiring teams and love getting my hands dirty or, if you're too busy, stuff me in a corner on my own and I'll get on with it.
Need a team?
I also work as part of an advertising team, check out get.brented.today for more details on that.
Want to know more?
Check out some nice things people have said about me and more about my work history on LinkedIn.

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